Dash Lash


The Dash lash™is a light lash that is perfect for a woman on the go. Blended with short and medium and a few longs with your own natural lashes makes the Dash™ Lash  lash perfect in office or a natural look.

Level: light
Mascara: Optional
(unlimited, includes fills, takeoffs & new sets).

Million Dollar Lash


The Million Dollar Lash™ is blended in with your own natural lashes. It is meticulously  layered with medium and long lengths. The Million Dollar Lash™ is equivalent to wearing several coats of mascara. Want your eyes to twinkle? The Million Dollar Lash™ is Perfect for evening wear, a date, or galavanting around the city.

Level: Medium
Mascara: None Needed
Million Dollar Lash Package

Vegas Lash


The Vegas Lash™ calls for all socialites, party girls, bartenders, or girls who don’t mind being shy about wearing lashes.  This lash is definitely for the night life. All the lengths are deeply blended together with a swoop on the end of lashes to create a sexy bold look that is sure to grab attention. Going to vegas? Get the Vegas Lash™.

Level: Full
Mascara: included in application. None needed.
(unlimited, include fills, takeoffs & new sites)

Invisible Lash


The Invisible Lash™ is merely undetectable. Minimal lashes are blended in with your own lashes creating a flawless look. This is for the lady who already has a decent amount of lashes, or her lashes may grow straight down, or have no curl. 
The Invisible lash™ may also be a perfect fit for ladies new to wearing lashes. 

Level: light 
Mascara: Optional.
EYELASH EXTENSIONS (60 Minutes-130Minutes)
  • City Girl
    (90 lash per eye)
  • The Socialite$180
    (160 lash per eye)
  • Ms. Sophisticated$150
    (120 lashes per eye)